Aeromnia and PERFO, a new collaboration

Aeromnia has joined forces with the PERFO Company to distribute and install their modular ground reinforcement system, particularly with regard to its airport project currently ongoing in Romania.

Perfo is a patented, interlocking heavy-duty grid for grass and ground reinforcement capable of transforming a rutted grass runway into a solid, dry and level surface capable of supporting aircraft landings. It is similarly ideal for taxiways and hard standings. It is guaranteed to sustain a loading factor of up to 40 tons per square meter.

The Perfo system has been responsible for enormous improvements to runways and taxiways, access ways and hard standings in a number of smaller airports and airfields, particularly in Northern Europe. The system can be installed without special tools by personnel without specific training. Replacement of individual modules, should this be necessary, can be accomplished quickly and easily by a single person.

In extreme synthesis, Perfo guarantees characteristics equivalent to those of asphalt, but at a much lower cost.

Aeromnia is actively promoting Perfo for minor airports, airfields and landing grounds throughout Italy and Romania, being able to propose the optimum solution for each location.

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