Arplast propellers can be maintained

DUC Hélices Company, the French leader in propellers for ultralight aircraft, has taken over Arplast tools to ensure the continuing of maintenance, repairing and after-sales service about this good propellers projected by Alain Petit.
The maintenance, which is done in the new DUC Hélices place at Villefranche-Tarare, is made by the workshop manager.
The propeller’s renovation is performed in a seven-step process:

  1. Paint stripping (with blade surface status check)
  2. Restoration of the correct stratification of the carbon fiber under vacuum, which eliminates any blades damaged area
  3. Propeller blades profile restoration
  4. Painting
  5. Laying of a protective film to protect the leading edges
  6. Propeller blade’s re-balancing
  7. Hub check & Screws replacing.

Subsequently, blades and hub are returned to customers, who can then fly again in complete safety.

Aeromnia, as DUC official distributor, take orders to maintain Arplast propellers in Romania and Italy. Contact us to arrange your maintenance.

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