Aeromnia distribute GALAXY ballistic emergency parachute

AEROMNIA has become the Romanian distributor for the GALAXY emergency parachute system, produced by the GALAXY High Technology company.
GALAXY is synonymous for safety in flight – cases of in-flight structural failure are rare, but low speed, low altitude stalls can be equally dangerous. A GRS rocket-extracted ballistic parachute offers the best possible guarantee of passive security. GRS emergency systems are not only renowned for their efficient deployment at high speeds, but also for their rapid opening even at low speeds.

Statistics show that 80% of accidents occur in the immediate vicinity of an airfield, and at relatively low speeds.

GRS emergency systems provide a new concept in parachute opening. Complete deployment of the parachute, based on the selected model and the flight speed, is achieved in 5 – 6 seconds, giving an effective, fully-open parachute at a height of 100 to 450 feet AGL. The extraction rocket has its own parachute, allowing its easy recovery.

A range of models allow the selection of the most appropriate type based on the weight and speed characteristics of the specific aircraft. The GRS GALAXY system is designed for use on ultralights, experimentals and light aircraft with a weight range between 250 and 2000 kg.

AEROMNIA intends to actively pursue a strategy of product diffusion where its commercial activity will be accompanied by an informative campaign to ensure that pilots understand the importance of equipping light aircraft with a ballistic parachute, something which can be a real life-saver in critical situations.

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