Autogyro Day 2011

On 22 May 2011, for the first time in its long history, the Aeroclub of Turin hosted a dedicated autogiro day at the Aeritalia airport.

The meeting was organized by Aeromnia who arranged the presence of two ELA 07 S gyroplanes and one ELA 07 Cougar gyroplane, manufactured in Spain by the ELA AviaciĆ²n company. During the event, which was also attended by all the leading members of the Torino Aeroclub, a number of demonstration flights were effected to illustrate the thrill of this kind of flying to passengers, mainly pilots of fixed-wing aircraft, but also their families and the general public. The purpose was to demonstrate, if proof were still needed, the infinite potential of this fascinating type of aircraft.
The number of visitors was quite remarkable thanks to the interest generated by the press, La Stampa in particular, who devoted more than half a page to it on the day of the event.

The choice of this location, the Aeroclub of Turin, is the result of efforts by Aeromnia to introduce the gyroplane as an Advanced ULM for use within an airport structure, thus offering another possibility for recreational sports flying, characterized by economomy of operation.

At the conclusion of a full day of flight, business contacts and information, it is possible to draw conclusions: the autogyro was well-liked, it fascinates for being easy and fun to fly, and above all for its economy – both to purchase and to maintain.

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