A Civil Protection Project

Aeromnia was invited to participate in the assembly constituting a new association of Civil Protection in Italy, which will deal with aerial patrolling.
The new association will be called Sorveglianza Aerea Territoriale (abbreviated as SAT) and will operate in Piedmont.

The Aeromnia administrator was asked to provide the fleet aircraft in use if necessary and if they will be in Italy. In exchange for this concession, an hourly reimbursement will be granted for the usage, as ruled by Italian laws.
Three members of the Aeromnia staff were also elected in the newly formed association board, to ensure the conscious use of the aircraft and possible pilots instruction when necessary.

An initiative that indirectly brings Aeromnia into the volunteering world in Italy and that could evolve in some interesting ways. You can visit the Sorveglianza Aerea Territoriale site at www.satvolo.it.

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