DUC Turbo and Ventilo spinners: improved engine cooling

DUC Hélice introduces the DUC Turbo Spinner and the DUC Ventilo Spinner, to improve engine cooling during flight.

Technology for cooling

The DUC Turbo Spinner is equipped with deflectors around the blade foot to improve the circulation of the airflow to the engine. Very adapted in the case of engines with air cooling, it limits the variations in temperature engine between takeoff to full mode and the flight in cruising, but also in statics or on a taxiway. For air-cooled engines, Turbo Spinner usage is necessary to avoid an excessive rise in engine temperature.

The function of the DUC Ventilo spinner is to reduce the temperature of the engine, mainly in dynamic phase (air flow from the advance of the aircraft). It has been studied and developed to improve engine cooling. Its apertures are made by CNC machining center for precision and flawless finish.
In two-bladed or three-bladed version, openings are present on the spinner and on its mounting plate. This design allows the circulation of air flow of aircraft advancement through the spinner, evacuated from the back of the mounting plate, without disrupting the regular operation and effectiveness of it.

Both DUC special spinners are available in Ø210 et Ø250mm , in two-blade or three-blade configuration.

You can order the DUC Turbo Spinner and the DUC Ventilo Spinner on our ecommerce sites.

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