Giochi d’Ali Solidali 2010

Aeromnia participated in the 2010 edition of the “Giochi d’Ali Solidali” Air Show which took place on the 9th and 10th of October at Torino Aeritalia airport.

At last year’s Show, Aeromnia presented the Skyleader 200 both in the static display and with demonstration flights in front of the numerous spectators.
This year, invited by Aeromnia specially for the occasion, the Skyleader 200 was flown by Martino Tacchini, demonstrating its extremely short takeoff and landing performance and its amazing manoeuverability, at both high and low speed. It just shows what this aircraft id capable of in the hands of a first-rate pilot.

Adding a most unusual note, the Italo-Romanian company was also proud to show off its newly-consigned ELA 07 Cougar gyrocopter.
Two such machines brough from Spain for the occasion, one in the static exhibition and the other which performed several demonstration flights piloted by Francesco Garganese, Aeromnia’s General Manager.

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