Flight demonstration at Torino Aeritalia Airport

On 12 October 2010, the ELA Aviacion distributor in Italy, Mauro Antongiovanni – helicopter and gyrocopter pilot, flight instructor and national examiner – demonstrated the quality of the ELA gyrocopter as only he can do.

Subtle and delicate maneuvers, rapid passages, steep turns, ultra-short take-offs and landings, dives and pull-ups, 360 degrees spirals while hovering produced a dance in the air, demonstrating once again, if this was necessary, the quality and potential of the gyroplane. The sunset added even more magic to Maurino’s show, making the white gyroplane change colour as the sun was doing down, making his performance a surreal ballet over the Turin Aeritalia airport, making spectators speechless, while cars were even stopping along the road that runs by the airport to watch.

The gyroplane is an aircraft which, although invented before the helicopter, has tended to live in its shadow. It is fair to say that its true worth has rarely been recognised since the war, making it relatively unknown except to flight buffs. At the same time, the gyroplane is a sort of cult aircraft for Spaniards, since its inventor, Juan de la Cierva, came from Spain. So part of our mission as Aeromnia and Maurino’s as ELA Aviacion Italy, is to publicize this particular aircraft and demonstrate its potential.

The maneuvers performed, the technical discussions after the flight, the details of its construction and its aerodynamics were highly appreciated at all present, exalting the quality of the ELA gyroplane, especially when flown by a skillful pilot. This is also a small victory for ultralight aviation, showing for once and for all that this discipline has highly capable pilots, instructors and genuine, capable experts, where the main difference between these and general aviation or commercial pilots lies only in the weight of the aircraft which they fly, not in their knowledge or level of skill.

Heartfelt thanks to Maurino for this demonstration flight!

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