AvMAP speaks Romanian

Aeromnia do not deal only with the aeronautical components market. Our desire is to set up collateral and related activities with other aeronautical enterprises. One of these is closely related to the established, traditional air fields, which primarily means the local Aeroclubs, but we are not neglecting those new private airfields, which are beginning to appear in recent times, confirming the increase in aerospace business activity in Romania.

It makes us very happy to see this development, and we are sure that, despite the present economic climate, things are starting to improve.

Besides the wide range of aircraft products and equipment we deal in, we have also begun to work with a very popular European company – AvMap – who specializes in producing terrestrial and aeronautical GPS. AvMap have recently launched a series of GPS models with Romanian software: GeoPilot II (no longer in production), GeoPilot II Plus, EKP IV, EKP Pro IV.

Thanks to Aeromnia support, the database of the AvMap GPS now includes 21 Romanian airfields. This database will be augmented from time to time, mainly due to inputs from customers who participate actively in updating it!
If you would like to participate in this updating, by providing information about new airfields, perhaps even the one you are currently using and know well, contact Aeromnia for details at email.

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