Dynon Avionics Acquires AFS, Advanced Flight Systems

Two of the biggest names in experimental and light sport avionics are joining forces, with the acquisition of Advanced Flight Systems by Dynon.

Advanced Flight Systems is an innovator in avionics for experimental aircraft. Established in 1999 by founder and President Rob Hickman, AFS first offered one of the most popular engine monitoring systems available for homebuilts aircraft. Their EFIS products have long been first to market with innovative new features.

Rob Hickman commented on the acquisition, saying “I am pleased to be working with a company so committed to experimental aircraft. We have long been friendly competitors; their resources, infrastructure, and financial stability allow me to focus on the product development that I love to do. If Dynon had not been in this market, glass panel systems would still cost $20,000 to $30,000, and they will be again if the people truly dedicated to homebuilders aren’t working together.”

Robert Hamilton, President of Dynon commented, “We look forward to working with AFS as collaborators. The homebuilder market has always been the incubator for advanced technologies. Keeping the true innovators working in this industry is important to us, and we have the financial resources, market presence, and company growth to be able to keep AFS going strong in this market for years to come.”

Dynon Avionics is the leading manufacturer of avionics for experimental and light sport aircraft, with worldwide sales and distribution in over forty countries. Their mission is to offer advanced products at affordable prices.

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