Italy – Romania in 6 hours with Skyleader

On the occasion of the BIAS 2012, Aeromnia had decided to participate with not only its normal products, but also with its Skyleader 200 aircraft which currently operates from Turin’s Aeritalia airport in Northern Italy.

We made a detailed flight plan for the transfer of the aircraft, which has once again proved an excellent machine for safe and comfortable long-distance flights. We started from Turin and the first leg saw the arrival of the aircraft and its crew at Vrsar in Croatia (known to Italians as Orsera) after just over 2 hours of flight.

After refueling and quick snack of local food, we proceeded to Lake Balaton, landing at the Sarmellek airport after another 2 hours of flight. After lunch, the final leg took place in the late afternoon, and the aircraft touched down at Arad airport at 19:15, in time for an excellent dinner of traditional Romanian cuisine.

Thus only some 6 flight hours were needed to reach Romania from Italy, following, among other things, a route that is not exactly direct, due to the need to clear customs from the Schengen area in Hungary. Unfortunately, this can only be done at one of the few designated Hungarian airports unless considerable advance notice has been given.

This is another good demonstration that the class of aircraft of which the Skyleader forms part is a rapid, economical and safe form of transport, and justifies consideration as a logical alternative to the means of transport to which most people are accustomed to.

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