Gyroplane type rating course

A Gyroplane Type Rating course was successfully completed by the first two pilots from the Republic of Moldova: Iacob Iovu and Sergei Aculov.

The course was organized by Aeromnia in collaboration with the Avio Club Montalto Flying School and was held under the expert supervision of Mauro Antongiovanni, the well known gyroplane instructor and Aero Club of Italy examiner.

The week-long, intensive course consisted of both classroom and flight instruction with a dual-control ELA 07S gyroplane. It covered the technical principles of gyroplane flight and the related flying techniques, leading to the solo flight of both pupils, who were visibly delighted with what they had become capable of.

During the course, a module covering the daily maintenance of the gyroplane was included, to ensure that the new pilots have a full understanding of the objectives of the daily checks which they will be carrying out before each flight.
Correct maintenance prolongs the life of the gyroplane and contributes to flight safety. We are sure that the first gyroplane in Moldova will be much appreciated, and will soon become a firm favorite of all those who will come to love gyroplane flight as much as we of Aeromnia do.

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