“Wedding Dream” 2011

A most unusual location saw the participation of Aeromnia on the 8th and 9th of October.
“Wedding Dream” (Nozze da Sogno in Italian), the largest event in the world of weddings in the Piedmont region, saw Aeromnia’s ELA 07 Cougar gyroplane in attendance, surrounded by items more typical of wedding ceremonies.

The invitation to the event was made by a company that would like to offer the gyroplane as a surprise in unconventional ceremonies and maybe participate in some very special photos.
The results were quite surprising: in addition to the natural interest of the visitors to such an unusual object in a show like this, the idea of ​​having the gyroplane at a wedding seemed to be quite popular.

The organizers of this idea are working to optimize the practical aspects of their proposal, and perhaps the time is not far off when we might see a gyroplane decorated in the style typical of a wedding car or a carriage.

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