Civil Protection Exercise “Dora 2011”

On Saturday, October 29, 2011, the Civil Protection Exercise “Dora 2011” took place in the Dora Park which straddles the border between the cities of Turin and Collegno.

The following units took part in the exercise:

  • Collegno Municipal Police
  • C.O.M. of the City of Rivoli
  • Provincial Command, Fire Brigade Torino
  • Regional Command, Fire Brigade of Aosta
  • Italian Red Cross (Rivoli local committee)
  • Underwater specialists from the Civil Defence Unit “Lorenzo Cravanzola”
  • Collegno Ambulance Association
  • National Association of Carabinieri Collegno
  • A.N.A. Collegno
  • Base Charlye Collegno
  • F.O.I. Collegno
  • U.N. Enal c.p.t. Collegno
  • “Pompieri Senza Frontiere” Association
  • A British delegation from the research group Essex SAR.

Scope of the exercise: degeneration of the hydrogeological situation in the vicinity of the river Dora Riparia caused by heavy rain forecast by the met. bulletin.

Aeromnia, having ceded its autogyro to SAT for the occasion, demonstrated that aerial reconnaissance and air-ground coordination of Civil Protection activities was easily achievable.
The Aeromnia/SAT initiative, which ensured an even greater success of the exercise, was highly appreciated by the authorities present, and was enthusiastically reported by the media.

It is hoped that this practical demonstration of the utility of the autogyro for patrol operations and territorial surveillance will lead to a more frequent and regulated use of the aircraft in the public service.

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