First ELA gyrocopter delivered

Some members of the Aeromnia management went to Fuente Obejuna, Spain, to collect the first ELA gyrocopter built for the company.

This event materializes the work program started in January 2009 aimed at realizing the marketing and use of ELA autogiro in Romania and Republic of Moldova. At the delivery were present the leaders of ELA Aviacion Emilio Lopez Alemany Sr. and Emilio Lopez Alemany Jr. as well as the administrator of Aeromnia Liliana Stronciu.

The general manager of Aeromnia Francesco Garganese carried out piloting training and ordinary maintenance on gyrocopter held by Emilio Lopez Alemany Jr. in the days before delivery, learning valuable notions for future work away from manufacturers, which will remain the essential reference for the future Aeromnia activities on these type of aircrafts.

It should be remembered that Francesco Garganese is not new to piloting the autogiro, even if carried out on airplanes other than ELA; but it needed a course to familiarize itself with the characteristics and the specific behavior of the machines.

The gyrocopter delivered to Aeromnia is an ELA 07 Cougar equipped with a Rotax 912ULS engine and complete double front and rear controls. After the arrival of the gyrocopter in Turin will be mounted radios, transponders and ELT compliant with the needs of use and certification, but of the types present in the offer of Aeromnia, which is also inserting a catalog of new specific products for those using this type of aircraft.

The gyrocopter presentation will be held first in Turin on the occasion of the “Giochi d’Ali Solidali 2010” event which will take place at the Turin Aeritalia Airport on October 9th and 10th; and later in Romania in various cities, during the journey that will take the gyrocopter to Bucharest for the beginning of the type certification process.

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