Skyleader and AVMap used to fly across Romania in safety

On the 11th of August 2010, Aeromnia’s Skyleader 200 aircraft, equipped among st other things with an AVMap GeoPilot II Plus GPS, flew right across Romania from the airport of Arad to the airport of Iasi in a flight lasting 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Despite an unplanned deviation caused by adverse meteo conditions near Sibiu, promptly and efficiently handled by Rumanian ATC, the flight was completed without any problems and in a timescale which for the vast majority of the local population would be completely unthinkable, given the current standard of the national transport infrastructure.

During the last part of the trip, the Aeromnia team was also able to make a detour to overfly and photograph a site near Vaslui, where in conjunction with the local authorities, we are planning to open a small local airport.

During the passage across the Carpathian Mountains, we activated the TAWS function (Terrain Awareness Warning System) of the GeoPilot II Plus. This monitors the aircraft’s instantaneous position with respect to the surrounding terrain, providing ground avoidance alarms and a visual representation of terrain height on the map, allowing the pilot to maintain a safe height at all times.

This demonstrates yet again that by applying modern aeronautical technology to a suitable aircraft, even light-weight aircraft can be considered not merely as devices for short trips and pleasure flying, but as serious means of transport, able to operate rapidly, efficiently and above all, safely.

This is extremely important in a country like Romania, where the development of the transport infrastructure has been delayed by many events, both historical and of its recent political past. The time has come to seek innovative solutions to make up for some of the lost time, and to guarantee forms of transport whose rapidity matches those of all the other nations in the European Union. In this context, the highly cost-effective light-weight aircraft must surely be one of the more-readily achievable solutions to the Romanian transport enigma.

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