Aeromnia at Aerospace & Defense Meetings

Aeromnia’s General Manager Francesco Garganese and Aeromnia’s Logistic Support Director Ashleigh Hogg participated at Aerospace & Defense Meetings (Turin, 28-29 October 2009), the only international business convention for the Aerospace and Defense Industry organized in Italy, which concluded its second edition with numbers that testify to its success: 1000 participants (suppliers, buyers and professional visitors) of which more than 450 took part in a program of 7000 B2B meetings.

ADMA promising meeting with Dr Chris Burghardt, the Managing Director of Pronet was the most important effect of the convention for us. Pronet, a development company dealing with remote sensor technology is looking for partners in Italy to market an intelligent gas sensor system called “iNose” and “WMS-3”, an early detection system for forest fires.

Aeromnia’s know-how and sector expertise could be an essential enrichment for both sides. Cooperation may be possible using Aeromnia’s specific aircraft fitted with this equipment.

Follow-up meetings will be held to decide the method and calendar for the development of a new project and the research into application possibilities for gas sensor systems in the security sector.

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