The Romanian Commercial Counselor in Italy receives Aeromnia

The Romanian Commercial Counselor in Italy, dott. Ioan Corneliu Dinu, received in Rome at the Embassy of Romania the delegation of Aeromnia managers.

The meeting, strongly desired by both parties after the event organized in Turin by API in October, has tended to lay the foundations for a development of aeronautical activity in Romania, with particular reference to both light aviation and the strengthening of economic activity in the east of the Balkan nation after its recent entry into the European Union.

The event gave rise to a series of ideas for possible projects, which however require careful management and a broader involvement of entrepreneurial and government figures in order to be really implemented.
The participants agreed to begin to evaluate every single possibility of economic development, continuing to stay in close contact in order to give positive impulses to the activities using the specific skills and possibilities of action.

At the end there was a sincere exchange of good wishes for the new year that is about to begin, and the date for the next update meeting has been established.

Ioan Corneliu Dinu

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