An helicopter factory in Vaslui?

A big media echo was born in the local press, with reports also in national newspapers in Romania, after people saw a small yellow helicopter parked in the courtyard of a public building in Vaslui.

Indeed, the Aeromnia delegation, returning from its recent participation in the Constanta RoIAS, brought the Ultrasport 496 helicopter to the following event, with the intention of carrying out local flights and starting negotiations for a relocation of production to Vaslui.

The Ultrasport 496 is designed and developed in the USA to meet the FAA standards as an ultra-light helicopter trainer, it adapts to receive different engines. Conceived as a radio-controlled UAV helicopter for the US Navy it has evolved and is marketed, considering the goodness of the project, also as a normal two-seater aircraft.

Aeromnia is convinced that the current low cost of labor in Romania, combined with the existing possibility of tracing specialists who, despite their skills, are looking for work due to the economic situation and the crisis of public companies of post-communism, may be a set of factors that succeed in making a possible birth of a productive pole for these airplanes in the area.

We must not forget that the current fleet of airplanes of the nations of Eastern Europe is still very much made up of vehicles produced according to Soviet standards, which are therefore, in addition to the outdated design, very costly in terms of operating costs.

Local newspapers have published unannounced and even exaggerated figures about the intentions of the project, but this does not detract from the goodness of the possible development of the initiative.

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