Aeromnia at RoIAS 2006

Aeromnia company, recently founded, participate as exhibitor and sponsor at the most important aviation event of 2006 – the International Air Show “RoIAS – 2006”, held in Constanta, under the supervision of the Ministry of National Defense.

Being the only civilian exhibitor among the military giants of the air, the two seats helicopter presented by our company was enthusiastically and curiously received even by military helicopter pilots who wanted to know as much technical detail as possible from their owner and designer.  Taken over the picture, the little yellow helicopter was like a spot of color in a sea of ​​gray giants.

The flight simulators presented at  military pilolts received only words of praise and was used with special interest. Their real experience has increased our confidence that the products we sell are of high quality.

Impeccably organized, the Airshow has give the possible at the large public to know the knowing the new technology of the participating countries’ armed forces.

Also appreciated was the aerial show presented by the acrobatic crews, which culminated with the exceptional presentation of the Italian crew “Frecce Tricolore”, followed by the Official Tribune and by the President of the country Traian Băsescu.

A rich, rewarding experience that gives us confidence and hope for the future to take part in the next editions of this Air Show.

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